11x Organic Traffic For E-Commerce Brand


  • A leading manufacturer and distributor of specialty skincare and beauty products, the client is an ecommerce store that sells products directly to consumers globally.
  • They approached us in August 2015 to manage their site-wide SEO activities as well as drive their content strategy as it related to organic search.
  • The goal was to significantly increase the organic search traffic to their website through content creation resulting in growth in leads and revenue.


Technical SEO

The site was riddled with technical issues such as broken pages, broken links, incorrect robots.txt file, missing meta data, improper canonical tags, and duplicate content. Our team identified all significant issues on the website and fixed them. We continued to monitor the site on an ongoing basis and resolved new issues before they became problematic.

Content Audit

The company was blogging on a regular basis without any overall strategy. As such, there was a significant amount of outdated content that was not driving traffic but consuming their Google crawl budget. We performed a thorough content audit and identified posts that could safely be removed and other posts that would benefit from updated content. We worked with the internal writing team to update existing content as necessary.

Site Architecture

While the company had been blogging regularly, there was little effort to implement any type of concerted effort to connect the content via internal links. As such, much of the content was so far removed from the site’s home page that it was not being crawled by Google. We performed a detailed site architecture analysis, identified pages that would benefit from additional internal links, and created those links using topically relevant associations.

Content Strategy

We worked with the company to identify potential topics relevant to their target audience and that had great SEO potential. Each month, we created 6 to 8 detailed briefs for new content that was provided to the internal writing team. We performed on-page optimization and site architecture enhancement to each post prior to publication.

User Engagement Optimization

Working alongside the company’s graphic design department, we created a contextual call to action placed within blog posts. We also handcrafted links to related posts that would encourage readers to stay on the site and become more engaged.

Performance Follow-Up

We monitored every piece of content that we worked on to ensure maximum performance. This required periodic “tweaking” of the content as search engine results adjusted to Google algorithm changes.


5x Growth

in organic traffic in 1st 12 months

11x Growth

in organic traffic in the 1st 24 months

2,450% Increase

in Top 3 Google search rankings


Increase in leads

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