To get better performance out of your content, you need a different approach to content marketing.

The CM3 Framework

The quality of your content is the sum of the parts that went into creating that content – the people, processes, and assets that comprise your content marketing infrastructure. Should any part of that infrastructure be broken or out of sync with other parts, there’s no chance that even incredibly well-written content will help your company achieve its business and financial goals.

We work with companies that understand the importance of content but need help in creating or improving their content marketing infrastructure. Through a very specific process, we develop a content marketing business plan that identifies the most impactful areas of improvement along with an implementation gameplan.

Stop creating content that underperforms. Let us help you solve the content performance problem by strengthening your content marketing infrastructure using our CM3 Framework.

Content Marketing Business Plan
The CM3 Framework


We begin with a Business Model Workshop attended by key members of your team. This is typically conducted over one or two sessions.

Our first objective is to identify your business and financial objectives, and then understand the role content marketing plays in their achievement. It’s critical that specific goals be established along with appropriate metrics.

By the end of this workshop, we need to identify all of the roadblocks getting in the way of content marketing success. And we need to reach an agreement as to their impact and priority.

Business Model Workshop
Audits & Research

Audits & Research

Upon the conclusion of our Business Model Workshop, we’ll have the major content marketing roadblocks identified and prioritized. Now it’s time to gain an even deeper understanding of what issues exist.

We perform a series of audits and research customized for the issues being analyzed. This often includes interviews with members of your team and even customers and prospects. We dive deep into problem areas and gain a complete and thorough grasp of what’s been getting in the way of your content performing well.

When complete, we’ll have everything we need to diagnose exactly what needs to be fixed and formulate a tactical gameplan for resolution.

Business Plan

Our audit & research process gives us everything necessary to formulate a plan to fix your content marketing infrastructure. Since your content must support your business & financial goals, we call this a Content Marketing Business Plan.

You’ll receive a 12-month actionable plan that outlines what’s necessary to fix your content marketing infrastructure. We’ll include objectives & key results, required systems, and a financial analysis with a focus on improving ROI.

Implement the plan and you’ll be on your way to not just remarkable content, but profitable content.


Content Marketing Business Plan
Quarterly Operational Gameplan

Quarterly Gameplan

Our Content Marketing Business Plan outlines what’s necessary over a 12-month period to improve your infrastructure and solve your content performance problem. In our Quarterly Operational Gameplan, you’ll receive a step-by-step tactical plan for the top initiatives of the quarter.

You’ll receive a detailed schedule of activities, skills to be developed and institutionalized, templates & documentation, best practices, exact instructions, and more.

Your Gameplan will include all of the details necessary for the successful implementation of your top priorities.


We’re here to empower your company and your team to become a content marketing success. We don’t just hand over our Gameplan and wish you the best. We’re here to make sure you successfully implement everything required to make your content profitable.

We’ll help with implementation coordination to make sure everyone understands what needs to be done and they have the ability to complete their tasks. If there’s an issue, we’ll work with them and the rest of the team to find a resolution.

Accountability is critical and we’ll make sure everyone is on track for timely completion. Our support extends to both your internal team as well as third parties involved in your content marketing.

Performance Analysis

The end of a quarter brings an opportunity to look back over what was accomplished over the previous 90 days. Were quarterly goals achieved? What issues interfered with implementation? What went well and where could we improve going forward? How did your content perform?

This is also an opportunity to identify new initiatives to be addressed in future quarters. We will always learn things about your company, audience, and other factors that factor into a content marketing plan unique to your situation.

Most importantly, this is an opportunity to celebrate the amazing progress made towards creating content that is both remarkable and profitable.

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