It’s not too difficult to produce good content. It’s incredibly challenging to produce remarkable content.

What’s the difference?

We’re talking about content that engages readers and inspires them to take action. It’s content that is so good, it keeps the reader on your site, which they bookmark to come back to later. It’s content that is shared and referenced by other sites. And it’s content that is rewarded with a consistent flow of traffic from Google.

That’s remarkable content and we can help your company produce it and reap the benefits.

Most companies we work with have one of two issues – sometimes both. They aren’t producing quality content, or their content doesn’t have the right reach. We can fix that through our proprietary C4 framework.


We begin by working with your team to help cultivate a killer piece of content. We believe in quality over quantity and typically begin with improving existing content. This gets you ROI+ as quickly as possible.

Then, we move on to new content where the subject is carefully chosen after extensive research into topics that are meaningful to your audience. We’re also looking for a great opportunity to perform well in organic search results and other traffic platforms.

We do this by combining years of experience analyzing exceptionally performing content along with sophisticated analysis and the use of machine learning.

Even after the content has been through our C4 framework, our team doesn’t stop. We make sure the end result meets our strict criteria and specifications. And we monitor and tweak that content until we’re getting the desired results.

cultivate content


If content doesn’t truly connect with your audience, it’s pretty much worthless. Our work in making sure your content engages, inspires, and encourages your audience to take action begins long before pen meets paper (or the digital equivalent).

We take the time to fully understand your target market. Who are they? What problems are they trying to solve? What are they concerned about? What motivates them or causes them to stop in their tracks? And most importantly for content, what information are they seeking that your company can provide and move them closer to becoming a customer?

And just like we don’t stop cultivating your content once published, we don’t stop ensuring your content is connecting with your audience once it goes live.


Now that we have a finely cultivated piece of content that firmly connects your audience with your brand, we need to get that content out into the wild and in front of real people.

We need to capture the attention of your audience using the precise strategy that drives maximum traffic to your website and produces the best possible return on your marketing investment.

Organic search offers one of the best marketing ROIs available if the strategy is implemented correctly. As such, it forms the backbone of our content marketing approach.

But your audience is looking for answers to questions in places other than search. Through our Content Atomization strategy, we create up to 40 versions of each piece of content. These “micro-content” pieces are designed to drive traffic through channels such as social media, video sharing, image sharing, email, and other locations on the Web considered valuable by your audience.



It’s nice to have content driving traffic to your website, but if all that traffic does is inflate reports in Google Analytics it’s not going to move your business closer to meeting your growth goals.

Traffic needs to convert to be truly remarkable.

For some sites, conversion is defined in the more traditional sense of turning a visitor into a lead. Or perhaps taking an existing lead or even a customer and understanding their interest in your additional products & services.

Other sites might look at conversion differently. Perhaps your site is mainly ad revenue-driven. In that case, conversion would be those factors that improve your revenue per impressions (RPM). In that case, we need to increase time on site, pages viewed, and scroll depth.

No matter how you define conversion, it’s an integral part of your content marketing strategy that we take very seriously.

Need more help?

In addition to our comprehensive content plans, we also offer a range of additional professional services that can be added onto any plan, including:

  • Google Analytics, Search Console, & Tag Manager Audit
  • Content Audit
  • Call-To-Action Creation
  • Google Quality Raters Guidelines Audit
  • Page Speed Audit & Best Practice Implementation
  • Persona Development
  • Schema Implementation & Entity Creation
  • Website Quality Audit & Crawl
  • Digital PR & Outreach
  • Site Architecture & Internal Linking Optimization

Have an issue with your site? Maybe you don’t have a solid foundation for content marketing quite yet. We can help you identify and fix issues that are getting in the way of extraordinary results. We’ll recommend these as needed and explain how it will help. Pricing varies and is typically based upon the complexity and size of your site.


Do you guarantee results?

We guarantee that we'll meet or exceed your expectations within 6 months or we'll work for free up to an additional 3 months. Ask us for details.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No, we do not require long-term contracts. We do require a minimum of 3 months and offer discounts for longer commitments.

Why do you typically begin with optimizing existing content rather than newly created content?

Quite simply - ROI. We want you to be ROI positive with your content optimization investment as soon as possible and starting with existing content is usually the fastest path to that goal.

Does ContentRamp write content?

We help create the content strategy and will manage content production, but we don't have writers on our staff. We typically work with in-house writers or help our clients find freelance writers.

Can I use ContentRamp if I don’t have an internal writing team?

Yes! If you have existing content on your site, that's where we typically begin. And for new content, we'll help you find the perfect writer and work with that person closely throughout the entire writing process. We'll manage the entire content production process. You just pay the writer separately.

How much of a time commitment is required from my team?

We understand there are other priorities where you and your team must focus. Most of our clients don't spend more than a few hours each month as it relates to ContentRamp-related work.

What type of content will you help us produce?

The short answer is whatever type of content is best for your audience. Most of our work tends to be around top-of-the-funnel blog posts but are capabilities extend to other content forms.

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We’ll analyze the existing content on your website and identify massive opportunities for improvement. You’ll receive specific and actionable recommendations that you can implement right away.

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