How much revenue should your content be generating?

Find out the full value of your website’s existing content. Get specific recommendations to drive more traffic & leads from the content you already have.

We’ve helped websites of all sizes improve their content

Unleash The Full Potential Of Your Website’s Content

Your company has invested a lot of time and money into creating great content. Sadly, you aren’t likely getting full value.

You probably have been asking yourself and others, “How can we drive more traffic to our content?” or “Why isn’t our content generating more leads and revenue?”

Fortunately, we’ve got answers for you. We created the Content Appraisal TM to help companies like yours unlock the full value of their content – more traffic, more leads, more revenue.

You’ll receive a detailed report showing you the current and potential value of your website’s content and how that value is broken out across each page with estimated ROI.

For every piece of content on your website, we’ll provide recommended reviews on how to improve each page of content in order to extract full value including:

  • On-page SEO
  • Improving content length
  • Improving content scope
  • Increase authority at the domain level
  • Backlink requirements to your page
  • Drive better user engagment
  • Increase page speed

Detailed & Actionable Reports For Every Piece Of Your Website’s Content

Discover the full value of your website’s content and the keys to unlocking

Understand the total potential value of your website’s content in terms of both organic search traffic and revenue generation. See how much unrealized potential is waiting for the right optimization strategy. Find out which optimizations should be a priority for your site as a whole.

Content Appraisal Summary
Content Appraisal URLs

See the potential traffic & revenue increase for every piece of content

Prioritize which pages of content you optimize by comparing potential traffic & revenue increases along with an estimated ROI based upon the cost of implementing optimizations. Filter URLs to hone in on those that have the biggest opportunity. Drill down to see a detailed report for each page.

Get detailed content reports with key metrics and recommendations

For every piece of content on your site, we provide you with metrics for current traffic and our estimate of potential traffic. Understand what keyword should be targeted, who your target competitor is in search results, and how your page stacks up. See which of seven optimizations should be reviewed for each page.

Content Appraisal URL Details
Content Appraisal Filtered Reports

Use pre-built reports for your best opportunities

While you have the ability to create any filtered report you’d like, we also provide you with several pre-built reports to help you focus on your best opportunities right away. See what pages can be improved without links. Learn which pages have the highest ROI potential. Explore pages that can be improved through better user engagement. And more!


Content Appraisal TM pricing is based upon the number of pages of content you’d like us to analyze and include in the report.

What content should you include? We suggest including any content that has the potential to drive traffic & revenue. This includes content such as blog posts, product pages, service pages, landing pages, and category/collection pages.

But don’t worry, if you select too few or too many pages for analysis we can either adjust your report level or filter the pages included.

# of Pages of ContentPrice
Up to 250 Pages$2,500
251 to 500 Pages$4,000
501 to 1000 Pages$7,000
Over 1,000 PagesGet Custom Quote

Every Appraisal Includes:

  • Full valuation of entire site content
  • Summary of current & potential valuation along with recommendations
  • Detailed reports for every page of content
  • Specific recommendations for every page of content
  • Pre-filtered reports to focus on best opportunities
  • 60-minute Zoom review & strategy call


What happens once we buy a Content Appraisal?

Once you purchase a Content Appraisal, you’ll receive an email with instructions on providing us with access to Google Analytics and asking you a couple of questions regarding your revenue model. Once received, we complete the report within 2 business days and will deliver it to you via email and review via a Zoom conference call with all interested parties on your team.

When will I receive my report?

You’ll receive your content appraisal within 2 business days of purchase.

Are there any additional tools or access needed for the report?

We do need temporary access to your Google Analytics account. We’ll send you instructions on how to add us with “View” permission. You can remove that permission once we run the report. If you don’t have Google Analytics, we can still run the report but will not be able to complete all recommended reviews.

What types of web pages are considered content?

For the purpose of the Content Appraisal, we consider content to be blog posts, landing pages, category pages, product pages, collection pages, etc. Essentially, it’s a pretty wide definition that includes any page that could show up in organic search results and be interesting to the intended audience.

Can you help implement the recommendations?

Definitely. We understand that even if we make clear recommendations, you might just not have the time to implement changes yourself. Just reach out to us and we’ll discuss your options.

How will my report be delivered?

We’ve created a custom and easy to use report using Google Data Studio. This will allow you to interact with the data to help you make smarter decisions regarding your content.

How do I let you know what pages of content to analyze?

If we aren’t analyzing your entire content library, you can either provide us with a list of URLs or give us a criteria we can use to filter. If necessary, we can help you figure out the best criteria for your site.

What is the source of your data?

We use data from several sources connecting directly to those sources via their API. Our primary source is SEMrush for ranking and link data. We also use DataForSEO to retrieve current search results for specific keywords we are analyzing. And we obtain conversion, e-commerce, and user experience data from Google Analytics.

Does my website need a minimum amount of content?

Not really. We’ve priced the Content Appraisal to scale based upon the amount of content that is on your site. But even smaller sites with fewer than 100 pages of content could benefit if that content serves a purpose of attracting and converting traffic.

What happens if our website has more pages of content than purchased for the appraisal?

We highly suggest analyzing all pages of content with the potential to drive significant traffic and/or revenue. If you purchase fewer pages of content than necessary, you can upgrade to a higher tier or we can limit the pages analyzed.