40x Increase In Top 3 Search Rankings For Fitness Brand


  • A global fitness brand and distributor of supplements and informational products, the client sells exclusively online via a large social media presence.
  • They approached us in December 2016 to manage both their organic search presence and take over full responsibility for their content strategy.
  • The goal was to significantly increase not just their organic search traffic (which was minimal at the time), but also to increase their visibility in a large volume of search queries. They also wanted to generate more leads from their existing content offers. All of this with a limitation of not creating any brand new content.
Increase In Organic Rankings


Technical SEO

The site had grown in terms of pages without any focus on the overall health from a search perspective. As such, there were many, many issues such as poor internal linking, broken pages, broken links. excessive and unnecessary linking, improper canonicalization, and more. We completed a Website Quality Audit and Technical SEO Audit and spent a month fixing all of the critical issues.

Content Audit

The company had created nearly a thousand pieces of original content without a clear strategy to maintain quality and topical relevance. As such, there were many pages underperforming in search results while also not driving conversions. The content was on a variety of topics without establishing clear authority in anything. We performed a thorough Content Audit and removed content that was dragging down the performance of the site. We were able to re-use that content as guest posts on third-party sites.

Content Optimization

Since we were unable to create new content, we had to meet the company's organic search goals by focusing on improving existing content. We identified pages with the most potential for improvement in organic search and completed our extensive Content Optimization process. This included updating the content based upon reverse engineering top competitors and utilizing machine learning, improving on-page structure, adding thousands of internal links, utilizing schema for rich snippets, and a lot more.

User Engagement Optimization

Most of the company's lead generation efforts were happening on social media and other third-party sites. We created a fitness-related quiz and developed a Call-To-Action graphic for each of the five topics we were focusing on. We then implemented these lead generation techniques throughout their site.

Performance Follow-Up

After completing our Content Optimization process on an individual piece of content, we monitored it regularly to make sure performance was trending in the right direction and we were on pace to achieve our desired results. Where necessary, we made additional improvements to the content. In August 2018, a massive Google algorithm update was released widely known as the "Medic" update. The site lost almost 50% of its traffic overnight. We were able to identify problem pages to remove and developed a good understanding of the types of content Google would allow a site like this to rank for - which led to further changes. We were able to recover that traffic and more in about 5 weeks.


40x Increase

Increase in Top 3 Google search rankings

849% Growth

in organic traffic in the first year

76,498 Leads

new leads generated in the first year

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Increase in organic search traffic