161% Increase In Organic Search Traffic In 5 Months


  • A leading expert in the health industry, the client sold a highly successful online course that helped over 100,000 people overcome a serious health issue.
  • They approached us in December 2019 to manage their content-related organic search performance.
  • The goal was to boost their organic search traffic from both new and existing pieces of content – namely blog posts and podcasts.
Immediate Organic Search Improvement


Technical SEO

This was one of the worst structured websites we had seen. Our initial recommendation was to just re-build the site from scratch but the company did not have the budget to do so. Therefore, we fixed it. It was quite challenging but we were able to identify over 100 critical issues impacting their organic search performance and make changes throughout the site including updating their theme.

Site Architecture

The site was also very poorly constructed in terms of its site architecture and (lack of) internal linking. There were hundreds of pages of important content not being crawled by Google on even a semi-regular basis. We organized the content into various topics and initiated a large scale internal linking campaign to improve page depth and crawling efficiency.

Content Optimization

The company had developed massively long pieces of content thinking "more is better". That might have been true in the world of SEO even a few months prior. But we identified a shift in Google's algorithm away from super long blog posts to content that answered the searcher's question more easily and directly. We broke up the content into smaller pieces that better-addressed search intent. At the same time, we completed our entire Content Optimization process including on-page adjustments, more internal linking, content tweaking, and schema for rich snippets.


161% Increase

in organic search traffic in the first 5 months

2x Growth

in Top 3 Google search rankings

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Immediate Organic Search Improvement