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Grow Traffic With Remarkable Content

Having remarkable content on your website is critical if you want to drive traffic while generating leads & sales. But, if you don’t have the right strategy in place, you have virtually no chance of succeeding with your content marketing.

Sadly, most companies lack good content marketing strategy. It’s pretty evident when you look at the poor performance of the content they are producing. They’re generating blog post after blog post, but with underwhelming results.

That’s why we developed the Content GameplanTM where we work closely with your team to produce a customized content marketing strategy that you can implement right away.

Customized & Actionable Content Gameplan

Customer avatar & journey creation

Our Content GameplanTM begins with a deep understanding of your customer. We’ll create an avatar (also known as a buyer persona) and then identify the exact steps taken from the moment they begin to search out a solution through the purchasing decision. We’ll understand their goals, challenges, motivation, and the information they need to make an educated decision.

Competitor content analysis

We’ll identify your strongest competitors in terms of online presence and performance. Then, we’ll reverse engineer their content to find out exactly what they are doing that brings great results. What content drives traffic? How are they converting leads? Where are they getting inbound links and digital PR from? And much more!

Comprehensive keyword research

By creating a customer avatar and journey, we understand what a buyer is searching for online that will lead to your solution. Keyword research takes that information so it can be turned into a content roadmap. In addition to using your avatar & customer journey, we analyze your competitors, your own pages, and explore key topics in great detail. The end result is a comprehensive keyword plan that is organized and prioritized for content success.

Topical cluster design

The days of producing random content is over. Search engines and users alike are more interested in whether a company is an expert in a particular topic. We call that topical authority and it means you’ve created a breadth of content that robustly addresses all key issues within a particular area. Your Content GameplanTM includes the design of Topical Clusters that creates a clear path towards building topical authority.

Content roadmap creation

We take your customer avatar & journey, competitive research, keyword research, and topical cluster analysis and create a content roadmap that includes every piece of content you need to create to attract & convert customers. No more guessing about what blog posts to write! Simply execute on the roadmap and your well on the way to content marketing success.

Content dashboard

Successful content marketing requires that you understand how well your content is performing along with changes over time. What’s driving traffic? What content has good (or bad) user engagement? Where are we getting great conversions or need to spend some extra time improving? We’ll create a Content Dashboard so you and your team has all of the insights necessary to proactively monitor your content performance.

Your Content RoadmapTM Investment


  • Customer Avatar (1)
  • Customer Journey (1)
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Map
  • Topical Cluster Design (1)
  • Content Roadmap

$3500 / one time


  • Customer Avatar (2)
  • Customer Journey (2)
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Map
  • Competitor Research
  • Topical Cluster Design (2)
  • Content Roadmap
  • Content Dashboard

$6000 / one time


  • Customer Avatar (3)
  • Customer Journey (3)
  • Keyword Research
  • Keyword Map
  • Competitor Research
  • Topical Cluster Design (3)
  • Content Roadmap
  • Content Dashboard

$8000 / one time


How long will it take to get our Gameplan?

We can typically complete Gameplans within 30 days of payment. That does require you and your team to be responsive and adhering to our time frame.

What if we need more than 3 customer avatars?

We can certainly accommodate as many avatars as required. With that said, most companies do not have more than a few types of customers that would require a distinct avatar.

Get a customized Content GameplanTM

We’ll complete a thorough analysis of your customers, competitors, keyword opportunities and more to create a content roadmap that will drive traffic, leads, and sales.